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FreyaVPN offers a safe, secure, easy-to-use VPN app for every major platform in all your devices: mobile, computers, tablets and more.

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What FreyaVPN Offers

Your internet data will be protected on any device, while having worldwide & safe access to more content with ultra-fast connection.

Secure internet

FreyaVPN protects all your internet data by deploying the strongest encryption available and powerful servers across the globe.

Strict no-logs policy

FreyaVPN doesn't keep any logs, does not track, collect or share your private data.

Ultra-fast connection

No more worrying about internet speed for a safer connection. FreyaVPN provides you both.

Multiple devices

Up to 6 devices can be connected with one account. Make sure all your computers and mobile devices are protected.

Other Services & Products Soon To Be Available

VPN app for Windows

We are currently developing the app for Windows.

VPN app for macOS

We are currently developing the app for macOS.

VPN app for Linux

We are currently developing the app for Linux.

VPN app for Edge

We are currently developing the app for Microsoft Edge.

Onion over VPN

We are planning to develop next-generation VPN services including Onion over VPN.

7/24 Support

Our customer support line soon will be up & running with 24/7 service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What does the name Freya signify?

Freya is Goddess of love in Norse mythology. With her sensual nature, she protects crops and gives birth. She brings comfort, safety and her language is love. We have been inspired by the message of love and safety, and our goal is to take away all the worries while having our users feel safe and loved. They say "love is the answer", and we say Freya is the love.

Q.Is VPN safe?

The goal of VPN services is to provide a safe internet surfing. Best premium quality VPN providers ensure the safety at upmost level. As a next-generation VPN provider, FreyaVPN also doesn't keep any logs and uses military-grade encryption to protect all your online traffic.

Q.Is VPN legal?

Yes, VPN is completely legal. It's just another app that provides a service. Everyone is entitled to have an access to a secure and private internet.

Q.Is VPN free?

FreyaVPN is free during this growth phase, but it won't be free for long. Most premium quality services are not free forever. So use this opportunity to access fast and secure internet through FreyaVPN. After this period we will offer you different vpn price packages.

Q.Will VPN lower the speed of my internet connection?

We have built FreyaVPN usign smart algorithms and powerful servers worldwide so that your internet connection will not be affected significantly. Majority of the users will not even feel the difference.

Q.How secure is FreyaVPN encryption?

We use the strongest (military-grade) encryption available for your devices. Various encryption levels and protocols ensures your safety and privacy.